What Is Your Intelligence? Essay

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What is Your Intelligence? I was never the type of person that was creative, or a good cook. Doing a project or something, everyone sitting at their desk with their projects that they worked on for days and days. When I only worked on it for maybe a few hours. Giving up too easy has always been my thing. I could never build anything either. I am a girl, but some other girls can be carpenters and do all kinds of things. My friend Mindy, and my boyfriend’s sister Kelsey are great cooks. Other peoples’ talents could be working on cars, building houses or nursing homes, being really good at your job, a school subject or just being someone that everyone needs. Everyone needs someone that has intelligence of something that you may not have. Have you ever went to someone that has more intelligence on something more than you?
My friend Mindy, who is also my boyfriend’s aunt, is an amazing person, she bakes for the holidays, she baked us all birthday cakes. She makes it her own way and that is what makes it special. She does not like to bake like her husband Steve. But, once you get her in the kitchen. You would want her to go back to cook you some more. She does not just have a intelligence, she is also good at her job. She is a nurse at work but also at home. When you are sick she does all in her power to make you feel better. She can talk about something medical and you would have no idea what she is talking about.

Furthermore, carpentry is a good intelligence to have. I…

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