Essay about What Is Wrong With America 's Educational System

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Many people have begun to wonder what is wrong with America’s educational system ; as to what ranks us quite low for general education as a first-world country. The issue is best stated by Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Rochester, “Philosophy of education is exploding in so many directions away from its historic core that one may wonder whether it is simply disintegrating.”(Curren). In order to better education in America, we must adjust the the education system to have a firm understanding of the philosophy of education and its impact on learning. We must also apply a more sectional and focused philosophy regarding education. It is necessary for different groups of people such as students, parents, and lawmakers, to each have an understanding of the philosophies behind education. With a collective understanding of the components of the philosophy of education, these groups can then act upon their understanding and can begin to sectionalize schooling according to which philosophy works best for each student in order to have the education they receive be further effective. Finding the philosophy that works best for one’s brain is decided by a number of factors. Each person has their own philosophy on education whether it 's known to them or not. There are five main philosophies: Essentialism, Perennialism, Social Reconstructionism, Progressivism, and Existentialism. To understand why a sectionally based school system depending on educational philosophy is necessary…

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