The Great Gatsby Morality

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New york is a city of bright lights, tall buildings and big dreams. It is a place where people go when they want to be someone in life. Walking around the city they see the glamor but they also see the downside to the once hopeful dreamers. The ones who did not achieve their dream and have to deal with the backlash of their sanguine demeanor. In The Great Gatsby the main theme is “the American dream” but inside that theme we see many other, smaller, themes that make up the overarching concept. In the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald we see the downside to the “American dream” and realize that sometimes our hopes for the future are not as promising as they once seemed. A major motif of The Great Gatsby is the social class that everyone belongs …show more content…
Morality comes in to play in the later chapters starting with Myrtles death. A car, driven by Daisy with Gatsby as a passenger, hits her. Gatsby says he will take the blame for the incident because he is in love with Daisy. Daisy is his everything and if he cannot have her then his life is unworthy of living. It is reviled that Tom, Daisy’s husband, told George that it was Gatsby who hit Myrtle in an attempt to hide the fact that he was the one having the affair with her. George then shoots Gatsby as he is floating in his pool before pulling the trigger on himself. At Gatsby’s funeral only a few show up which goes back to the whole isolation theme. Though people did surround him at one point in life now that he is no longer an asset to them they have no need to associate themselves with him. Not even Daisy shows up. She is presumed to go back living her loveless marriage with her husband now that both of their affairs are no longer. His death came at a time in the novel that represented his dream dying. Earlier on in the novel he fully understood that Daisy was never going to leave her husband. Everything he had worked for was for nothing. He spent all of his days focused on obtaining Daisy’s affection again. He crafted a story about himself so that he would be worthy of her, yet it was too late for him to be with her. There is some speculation to go off of that Gatsby knew that this was going to come. He knew that he would be killed for taking the blame of killing Myrtle, but he didn’t care. It is like he wanted to die. He didn’t want to go on in this life, which now seemed pointless. The money, the social status, everything was for her and now that it proved futile so did his

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