What Is The Taming Of The Shrew-Like?

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While reading the play a question was brought to mind: does Katherine have the right to be Shrew-like?Through the Taming of the Shrew many readers have inquired whether is it ever acceptable for a woman to act, bad-tempered, and aggressively assertive, In the case of The Taming of the Shrew Katherine does have the right to be Shrew-like because people treat her like garbage, her sister gets all of the attention, people talk bad about her to her face and behind her back, and all of the guys just want her out of the picture so they can have …show more content…
Throughout the play, the guys are fighting over Bianca, while there is only Petruchio that sees Katherine as possibly right for him. When Petruchio first meets Baptista (Act 2, Scene 1), Baptista tells him that he must first win “her love; for that is all in all”. Later on in the play, Baptista changes his tune and doesn’t really care whether or not Petruchio wins over Katherine’s love, he just wants to get Katherine married. It seems like Baptista neglects and rejects Katherine. This rejection and neglect from her father figure is a big reason why Katherine has the right to act the way she does. The favoritism that Baptista uses for Bianca causes Katherine to act shrew like as well. I think that Katherine is also jealous of her sister. In one of the scenes, Katherine has Bianca tied up to a chair demanding her sister to tell her who she liked. Some people don’t get that jealous; while Katherine becomes extremely jealous.This jealousy that Katherine has caused her to act shrew like towards her sister and everyone else who likes her. In act 2 scene 1, Katherine beats Hortensio. Hortensio later walks out with his head broke. Throughout the play, people talk bad of Katherine right to her face; however, they also talk bad behind her

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