What Is The Single Most Important Thing You Learned About Business Strategy

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1. What is the single most important thing you learned about business strategy this


I think the single most important think I have learned this semester in regards to

business strategy is the critical importance of understanding your dominant logics. It hasn’t

been a featured topic we have talked about during the semester but at almost every step of

the process towards implementation strategies and after there was a hint about dominant

logics. The reason I think dominant logics are so crucial is because as we have discussed

during the first week of class that our dominant logics will then influence what our strategy

is. We will need to identify our dominant logics if we want to ensure that we are making the

right decisions when it comes to strategy planning. If we are unaware of how we think of

the world then we will be unaware of our shortcoming and where they could possibly


As we discussed in the last class that a lot of people’s dominant logics or shared beliefs

have them in total control of every situation. If you continue to believe this among other

shared assumptions. Sticking with you dominant logics may prevent you from moving

forward in the future. If you begin to get into a routine this makes it even harder to break

out of and realize what you’re doing. Also, by identifying your dominant logics and

challenging them it allows you to recognize new opportunities within your organization

which you have overlooked. Your…

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