What Is The Significance Of Pentecost? Essays

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What is the significance of Pentecost? The significance of Pentecost is to strengthen the Church with power to become what God intended for the Bride of Christ to become. There is probably no other Biblical concept or doctrine that has endured more scrutiny than the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Church Fathers have tried to control, it others have tried to profit from it, still the Pentecostal Church continues to grow in spite of it’s mishandlings. However, Pentecost is vital for the balanced life of the Church. The new breed of believers views Pentecost not only as a key redemptive event recorded in the Scriptures but also as an experience of empowerment available to contemporary Christians. It is the latter revival experience that has undoubtedly done more to draw the church’s attention to the Bible’s teaching on the Spirit that any other development (Hart, 373) Pentecost is the spark the continues to ignite the believers to the full measure of what the Spirit desires.

What are the biblical emblems of the Holy Spirit? Wind: Symbolized in Acts 2:2 as “the sound of a rushing mighty wind.” The wind served as a powerful symbol of the Holy Spirit. Ruah in Hebrew and pneuma in Greek both point to the mysterious presence and power of the mysterious presence and power of the Spirit of God as wind (Hart, 382) Fire: Along with the sound of the violent wind at Pentecost came tounges “as of fire” (Acts 2:3). The Scripture records that they divided and come to rest on the…

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