What Is The Purpose Of A Coach? Essay

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1. What is the purpose of a coach?
As the textbook said, coaching is when an individual helps improve another individual’s personal, interpersonal, or skill area, or to take action to reach a desired future goal, working with a facilitator on the process of personal change (202)
2. What do you think makes and effective coach?
I think an effective couch would have good communication skills, is able to encourage and support people, they take the time to listen, they build a positive environment, and they let people make their own decisions and not make them for the individuals they are coaching.
3. Think of two instances where you have given 360 Feedback and received 360 feedback. Share a story for both instances.
A time I have given 360 feedback is when I feel out the end of semester surveys evaluating the professor and class. Another instance is in my old job the HR director would send out survey to the company to see if what the company can improve on, what are concerns are, to see what things they could do to motivate us, and whether or not they followed company values.

A time I received 360 feedback is in my old job. Once a year the company would conduct a yearly evaluation. The employee would have to evaluate him or herself first and then the managers of the employees would evaluate them. The scores of both of the employee and manager would be calculated and these would determine the raise of the employee. The managers would talk to you about what they scored you and…

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