What Is The Persuasive Speech On Childhood Obesity

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Today, one in six children in our country is obese. Being overweight or obese puts kids at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases we normally see in adults. Childhood obesity in our country has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Forget about a moment how much we pay the tax for health care and health insurance due to childhood obesity but according to Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) our children could have shorter life expectancy nearly 150 billion annually.
Children are under-nourished because healthy alternatives are either unaffordable or unavailable. At the same time, childhood obesity, fueled by the consumption of fast, cheap food, is a growing public health threat. The obesity
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These significant increases have led to a rise in child mortality and morbidity rate.
For great extent, this is intolerable. As a parent and citizen should proud to say that our children will have a better life than us. We shouldn’t think that we can’t afford to be satisfy about health and well-being of our children. We need stand up and do what we can everything for our children. We have the ability to reverse the trend that vanish childhood obesity epidemic within a generation in our city and country, we should have at least that ambitious. Better educated parents feed their children well. No matter there is so many unhealthy food advertisings and restaurants, "What we
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Affcourse, we can’t turn on this epidemic overnight but we should know how and what works on childhood obesity. Expert nutritionist agree that balanced diet, regular physical activity, and health education are the key factors of this solution. We can set our children on a right path towards what to eat and how to do exercise to keep good health over lifetime. We should be helping them make smart choices about what to eat and how much exercise they do. We need to help our kids stay healthy by encouraging them to be active. We need to reduce their time sit in front of the TV and computer. Parents should encourage them moving through everyday activities like, taking a walk, creating new craft and gardening will help them reduce obesity and it is also good for brainstorming. The most important thing is parents are the examples for our kids by eating healthy foods, doing regular exercise and be active with them, no matter what kids always follow and notice what we do. These goals are easiest to achieve but there is a certain barrier with in the family, community, and school to achieving these goals but it is a committed promise to safeguard our children from

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