Reflective Essay: I Am A Biracial Child

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“They are trying to figure out what I am”, is the thought I possess every time someone stares at me. I know people do not mean to make me feel horrible when they ask what I am, however it still hurts. I received many questions on numerous occasions, pertaining to being asked if I am Hispanic and when I respond to what I am they think I am lying. Having an African-American father and a Caucasian mother is difficult in today’s society and it feels as if I am getting looked down upon because I am a mixed race. It does not matter where you come from or how you look you, should not be judged on the color of your skin. You should not be asked what you are, just because you look different. Everyone should be treated equally, no matter what the circumstances …show more content…
Caucasian societies, such as the same states that had the Jim Crow laws would certainly see a biracial child just the same as they would a child of color, even though I am half white which makes me close to them as well. Just because one may be a fourth, half, or even an eight black you were given unfair treatment, which would further be explained as the one-drop rule. The one-drop rule was a “law that had two goals: it made interracial “cohabitation” a felony, and it defined a “Negro” anyone “who has...any negro blood whatever,” thus relegating to second-class citizenship anyone accused of having any African ancestry. Although the law had features unique to Arkansas, it largely reflected nationwide trends” (Sweet). Yet, I contemplated that either side would truly never accept me as a “whole”, moreover they would only see me as half one race and half another. This is true, in regards to the media, I question if they truly accept me or do they see biracial people as one race or the other. Us biracial children in the eyes of society cannot just be both, you are seen as one-half of one race, not a

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