What Is The Independent And Dependent Variable? Essay

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1. Identify a hypothesis you want to prove. What is the independent and dependent variable?
The hypothesis that may or may not be proven is: Does a higher age lead to more polite and relaxed social behaviour? The independent variable is the individual’s age (demographics). The dependent variable is how the individual’s mannerisms in various social situations.
2. Provide a rich description of each setting. Identify the location of your observations, the duration of your observations, what you saw, how many individuals were observed. (All subjects were Caucasian) The first location was a park in Mississauga, Ontario – commonly known as Jack Darling Park. It was a bright, sunny day and the climate was very comfortable. There were tall, lush trees ranging from common one’s like oak and maple to more interesting trees like weeping willows; with their leaves blowing with the wind. I’ve been to this particular park multiple times, back when I used to live in Mississauga around a decade ago. The largest trend I’ve seen after consistently coming back to the area is the amount of cultures that are spread out around the park. There are many differing races; Caucasian, Asian, Middle-Eastern and others enjoy their time there– bringing loads of ethnic diversity to the location. Age demographics are also quite large in range including infants and toddlers all the way to the elderly. I would say I spent around 30 minutes at Jack Darling Park. I wanted to make sure I evaluated both sets…

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