Going Not To Forget Forgetting By Zeki Duman Analysis

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In the distant of times from the time we are in the days of old. We often reminded ourselves mentally and physically through a process called memories. In the article “Trying Not to Forget Forgetting” the author M. Zeki Duman mentions the importance of memories. In a period of time through a series of event in the days of our forefather to currently now present days. Over times legitimate record written forgotten and replace by false memory through idealism causes doubt in the mind of many people. The Aftermath result gives rise to people to start seeking their identities within the world of a multicultural. The Article often mentions how important living multicultural and its memories were put into played in a social memory, remembering and forgetting a memory, and lastly identifies each individual.
For as long as times could be remember people with a differential ethic background, cultural, and religion; many of those are confronted by means of
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To enable an awareness of a previous success is a foundation into upcoming success. It is intellectual capacity through perception from past to future. People residing in modern societies have a different assessment of memory. Physical memories, a body memory often can be seen as the habit of fondness. For instance, your body would automate react to pain within the leg or when all the necessary mean are met such as a simple hug. Also can be you as a source of communication. The modern multicultural adopted this mean of communication in replace of words being used. It is an essential need for those throughout present day. Were at the point where there is a decline is communication. When all is lost, all of memory will be forgotten. Therefore the author mentions we need to have a close relationship of touch, emotion, and sensitivity not just toward modern civilization but also to the historical past as

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