Multiculturalism In Zootopia

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As individuals, we all have an identity in society, whether we appreciate it or not. Which means we may belong to a community or a group that our identities align within the world. As the population continues to experience a substantial growth, it helps to create different identities that help to influence our government and social structure. We live in a diverse society, which helps us expand our identity and enable individuals to be able to interact with others to create a multicultural society by combining two different or multiple identities to form a new life. According to Alasdair Macintyre, we all have a personal narrative that tells a story about us and we cannot make a choice about our identity that we were born in. Macintyre
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Communitarians focus on justice for society and are about the social agenda of the community, such as economic opportunities for their group, laws, and policies to help protect their people as a unit instead of having these individual rights. The focus on the community helps to promote a collection of issues that target these groups and develop a system of justice for all. Scholars such as Charles Taylor and Susan Moller Okin indicates how our society has grown into having to recognize the politics of multiculturalism. We must understand that as our society expand, so does the culture. Therefore, to evaluate these themes of Communitarianism and Multiculturalism, I will use the film, “Zootopia”, an animated film about a rabbit named Judy Hopps, that is trying to adapt in a world where her community is looked down upon because of their personality traits and physical characteristics. Judy is trying to promote the social agenda of those that have been neglected because of characteristics in her community, which has held many back from following their dreams. For that reason, she heads to Zootopia to pursue her dream of becoming a police officer and breaking the barriers that some animals are unable …show more content…
In the opening scene, Judy states “how the world was divided into two Vicious predators and Meek Prey, but over time we evolved and moved beyond our primitive savage ways and now predator and prey lives in harmony. And have multiple opportunities……. And I can make the world a better place and I am going to be a police officer. Many of those in her community laughed and one person even a statement, “ a bunny cop….. that is the stupidest thing I have heard”. Judy parents Mr. And Mrs. Hopps even tried to talk to her about how they settled on their dreams and became carrot farmers, which she can join with her 275 brothers and sisters because she should settle in order not to fail. Macintyre allusions that the ideas that Judy parents are trying to instill in her are because of their conception of self through their brutal bunny history that are narratives passed down from history. Macintyre states in “After Virtue”, that “a social setting may be an institution, it may be what I have called a practice, or it may be a milieu of some other Human. But it is central to the notion of a setting as I am going to understand it that a setting has a history.” Judy parents are trying to confine her to this one social environment because of their history as bunnies in a world of predators. Judy has a filial

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