IOM Role Model In Nursing

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) affirm the importance of leadership in achieving quality care and safety for patients around the world (Jennings, Disch & Senn, 2008). Leadership is found in all aspect of the health care community. Each health care providers are leaders in their own way. Nurses are good example of providers who affects the quality of care and patient safety in the hospital. In like matter, nurses can be called leaders. They are trained to delegate and care for their patients using critical thinking. Nurses are the ones who interact with patients the most during the duration of their care. As a nursing student the writer considers patient-centered care, patient’s safety and teamwork and collaboration as her top three priorities in nursing practice. Patient-centered care is giving control to the patient to decide for their care; as providers, doctors and nurses are available to give options and explain those options to the patients. Safety of the patients are always the number one priority of a health care professional. People come to the hospital to get better and feel safe, it is the providers’ responsibility to try and uphold that. In order for an institution or organization to function in its optimal capacity to provide the best quality care to their …show more content…
These nurses or individuals who the author consider to be positive professional role models portrays a good attitude toward their patients. They show compassion and caring to their patient as best they could with the time and resources they are given. These individuals care about their patient and make sure that they are doing what they can to help them get better. They are not just performing their “to do list” or tasks; but they are actually thinking outside the box and looking for other interventions that could be helpful to the

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