Essay On Patient Safety

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Top Patient safety issues in Health Care Facility
As clients and patient’s expectations rise, patient care becomes more difficult finding that outdated approaches to defining, organizing, and operating quality assurance functions are no longer suitable. More and more, health care organization are becoming devoted that improving quality needs a comprehensive approach. Continuous quality improvement of all kinds improve performance through reducing poor quality delivery of service rather than through trying to repair the results after service delivered. Every year thousands of patients in the united states suffer and die from an infection they quarried despite the fact in the hospital. Reducing the risk of infection, as well as other potential
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5 percent of all inpatients will develop Hospital acquired infection. The CDC 's 2013 report on antibiotic resistance confirms the problem and the need to find long-term solutions as soon as possible. Surgical complications. While surgical complications such as formation foreign objects after surgical procedure possible consequences are severe when it happens. At the moment, good preparation and attention to detail from all members of the surgical care givers seem to be the only dependable solutions to improving surgical complications.
Incorrect Diagnosis. An incorrect diagnosis means any treatment, no matter how well performed, has the possible to cause patient harm. While true of most conditions, sepsis is particularly unsafe if not diagnosed primary and may be deadly within a matter of a few days if undiagnosed or treated too
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Supposing a correct identification and impeccable execution of a given treatment, also creates a patient safety issue.
Root cause Analysis in my opinion the best technique should be used to identify tendencies and assess possibility and risk that can be used whenever human error is doubted with the understanding that system, rather than individual factors. Root cause analysis approach will improve and solve most problems.
LEAN methodology also will improve wide arrays of health care quality issues by identifying the source of process waste and discrepancy. This achieves a stronger process that not only improves efficiencies but also eliminates the chances for errors. This results in better-quality patient safety and clinical quality. Enhancements in both quality and efficiencies can be attained nevertheless of whether your main focus is quality improvement or efficiency improvement. Case studies will prove how LEAN methodologies applied to productivity initiatives have caused in significant quality improvements, and how these methodologies will have positive output impacts when applied to quality initiatives. Quality enhancement activities require health professionals to collect and analyses data generated by the processes in health care

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