Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower

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Air Power has become the dominant form of military power in our modern world. Through the years, airpower has made significant developments that have impacted our society in positive ways. Eddie Rickenbacker once said, “Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible." Changes in military aviation have occurred in an intense rapidity. Even so, civilian aviation has many breathtaking transformations over the last few decades. By recognizing how the history of airpower has led to the current dominance of aerospace in our world, we can become more prepared for future while developing ways to create better and more advanced world.
Col. Phillip S. Mellinger created the Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower, which discusses the strength and importance of airpower in our modern world. Mellinger states his purpose being to “better inform those who employ military power to achieve the objectives established by the country 's leaders.” In many ways, these propositions by Mellinger have become less opinion based and more factual. As airpower continues to be developed, the propositions become more
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Throughout his time in military leadership, he proved the importance of strategic force and demonstrated how beneficial strategic force can be for air power. Particularly during World War II, strategic force was incredibly imperative in the success of the Allies. As the Allies applied strategic force to their tactics, the Axis began to crumble fail. The use of airpower requires the incorporation of strategy using tactical planning and strategic operations that coincide with the principles of war and the military. Ultimately, Spaatz proved to be a valid example of how airpower and strategic force correlate, and how the combination of the two is required in order to be

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