What Is The First Seminole's War?

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During the Creek War (1813-14), the Maskókî tribes that were in Alabama at the time revolted against the settlers, “the brutal repression and disastrous treaty forced upon them by General Andrew Jackson sent thousands of the most determined warriors and their families migrating southward to take refuge in Spanish Florida.” This of course refers to the First Seminole War (1814-18) when Andrew Jackson was too ambitious at trying to control the Indian problem. While there they merged with the tribes that have lived there for thousands of years and would eventually be known as the Seminoles. Florida was still controlled by Spain up until 1821, although the states surrounding it were already US Territories, and it was obvious that the US wanted Florida for itself and would do anything to get it (including violence). …show more content…
The Treaty of Moultrie Creek (1823), the Treaty of Payne's Landing (1832), and many other meetings and discussions, US Indian Agents tried to get the Seminoles to sell off all of their livestock, “… return runaway slaves to their "rightful owners," and abandon their homes that have been in their family for generations to settle west of the Mississippi River to Arkansas Territory. Then in 1830, when Andrew Jackson became the president of the United States, the one thing he immediately tried to get the Indian Removal Act passed through Congress. Of course this meant that the government could remove the Indians at any time to make room for settlers, and it was all legal, and they could spend even more money to enforce that this new policy was carried out. Thus leading to the Second Seminole War (1835-42), when the Seminoles refused to be removed and held the U.S army at a standstill: forcing them to spend millions

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