What Is The Death Penalty?

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The death penalty is where a person is put to death by state government due to a capital offense they committed. This type of punishment is necessary because it keeps our society safe. Crimes that are punishable by death are capital offenses. These crimes vary such as: destruction of aircraft, murder of congress member, first degree murder, treason and genocide. These crimes aren’t benign they are very serious, so when a citizen commits a capital offense the death penalty is the rightful punishment for them. The United States has practiced the death penalty since 1608. Since then we have decreased on inhumane and cruel types of punishments. The Supreme Court is the system that rules what punishment is proportional to the crime committed. They must analyze three things when determining what punishment is given. The first is what is the offenses gravity, second looks …show more content…
It is sad how criminals who commit these capital crimes don’t have remorse because their punishment was insufficient for them. We are a country that supports justice and when our criminals don’t fear capital punishment, we have failed as a country to keep peace and justice. For example, serial killer Robert Rhoades kidnapped 8-year-old Michael Lyons as he was walking home from school. Rhoades tortured and raped the little boy for 10 hours, stabbing him 70 times, before slitting his throat and dumping his body in a river. Prop. 34 lets these killers escape the death penalty and requires taxpayers to spend tens of millions of dollars to provide them with lifetime health care and housing benefits (Ending Death). This is just one case out of the thousands where the right punishment wasn’t given. I believe that in able to establish a state of fear in these criminals we must enforce the death penalty in every state. I hope that I was able to inform you of how the death penalty is necessary to keep our society

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