Why Is It So Important To Be Selfless?

On May 10th 1996 A storm blew in to Mount Everest that none expected capturing the lives of 8 people and trapping 33 climbers. 19 of the 33 were trapped in the death zone with winds of 90mph. Many climbers were not thinking clearly and were suffering from frostbite. They all had to make the choice between selfless or selfish and it very important when you in this kind of critical situation like almost freezing to death on the face of a mountain. When you chose selfishness you are saving yourself and getting out and being free but where being selfless you are saving people and using every ounce of energy left in your body to save people and that would be more rewarding in the end. The choice is so important because you could ether save someone and …show more content…
He was married to Jan Arnold and 2 months after robb's death she gave birth to Sarah Arnold-Hall. Rob was a amazing climber with great leadership skills he also worked for a company called mountain madness. He was determined to get every client to the top. As rob was descending everest in 1996 he was waiting for doug and they were going to descend together when doug finally summer they started to head down and the storm blew in and the got caught up on the south summer and died because of hypothermia and probably lack of oxygen. Rob was a great leader and worked very hard at making sure his clients got to the top for example of bringing sandy up the mountain even though she had all this stuff she didn't need. Rob was an amazing man and leader and in my opinion he was not selfish at

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