What Is Rachel's Case Study

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From the second presented case, Betsy is introduced. She is a 35-year-old graduating at the end of the semester. Her major is English Literature, she has a 3.6 grade point average, and has three children. She was previously enrolled in community college, transferred to a four year university, and then took time off from school to attend to her youngest child’s illness. Betsy is excited about graduating at the end of the semester, but is concerned about what her future looks like. She quickly voiced her concerns about the lack of job opportunities for her specific major, and how she is skeptical about moving, due to her children growing up in the area and her local church community. She also prefers a schedule that will allow her to spend …show more content…
While talking with the parents, a potential learning disability is discovered, which might be the true reason behind Rachel’s grades in her first semester. The advisor needs to address Rachel’s learning style, and ensure that she accepts her learning disability, if indeed she has one. She is in desperate need to find her learning style, in order to develop study habits that are effective. In follow-up appointments, it is important that tests are scheduled to help Rachel fine tune her academic development. This includes testing for learning disabilities, finding her learning style, and addressing the possible need for tutors/additional academic services. After conducting these, it is important to keep Rahel encouraged and motivated through setting goals for the future. Possible examples of goals include finding a nondisruptive study place, developing a schedule to follow her academic needs, and possibly talking with Disability Services about needs for testing or assignments to ensure academic success. This is all dependent on if the student decides to continue attending the university in the spring, or if there are alternate decisions for future endeavors. By reassuring Rachel of the potentials the rest of her college career holds, it is possible she will decide to continue her four year education. Rachel would benefit the most from strength based advising. This style is centered on helping the student connect their passion to their education, while learning about themselves in the process. It often involves students taking multiple tests to further learn more about their personality types, learning styles, and what career fields directly relate to their

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