Essay on What Is Poverty? How Did Poverty Start?

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Persons in Household Poverty Line
1 $11,670
2 $15,730
3 $19,790
4 $23,850
5 $27,910
6 $31,970
7 $36,030
8 $40,090
What is poverty? How did poverty start? Are there ways we can try to fix poverty? Yes, all good questions and they will be answered in time. Let us start with the basics; what is poverty? Well the says that poverty is the lack of money to take care of your everyday needs to live. How did poverty start? It was always there, one person having nothing and one person having something.
If you look at the movie or book, a Christmas Carol the main character scrooge has so much wealth he does not know what to do with it but his store clerk works for nearly nothing and every penny goes to his family who has nothing.
How does a person get into poverty? There is no set way but some of the major ones that comes to everyone’s mind are lack of a job or skills for a job, no high school diploma or GED, or a child before marriage.
1(Obamacare Facts)
The federal government defines its poverty line by the amount of people per household and the salary after taxes the whole household makes. (Obamacare Facts) For example, a household of three must make more than a minimum of nineteen-thousand and seventy-nine-hundred to be above the poverty line.
You may be asking yourself what does our government do to help those who need? They do have one-hundred and twenty-six programs. Do you think that is a little much? Do…

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