What Is Politics? Why Should We Care About It? Essay

825 Words Nov 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Rashel Rafat
What is politics? Why should we care about it? What should be the limits to politics?

Politics is the science of the way a nation is organized in order to function towards the direction of its goals. Politics is important because it potentially covers the smallest influential aspects of our lives to the largest. However, just as there are limits to everything, there are limits to politics as well.

Politics can be divided into three types of relationships, Politics, the international relationship between states, It is the relationship between the state and the society, and it is the relationship between the people within a society. The government is responsible for setting order in the state; For that matter the citizens are responsible to follow these orders. Politics in that sense is therefore extremely dependent on human behavior. The power of negotiation, and standardizing are two factors involved in setting up a political order. Standardizing to understand what is the standard and the goal of this political order; and the power of negotiation to help and match those standards with other aspects in the government such as the economics and the future affects of any change within the order. In order to set up a well functioning government, there should be policies and regulations to create order. Setting up rules and regulations goes through processes within every government. However, enforcing these regulations requires police power. The government…

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