The Founding Fathers: Laws Of Nature And Nature's God

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When the Founding Fathers wrote their articles they had a lot of major political ideas, which are political beliefs to make a fair life for everyone together possible with rights and laws. It is one 's political moral code and worldview.
The most important major political idea are the laws of nature and nature’s God. You can find those in the Declaration of Independence. Those are the laws that began the founding of America. They are the decision from America to declare independence from Britain, but they have a very deeper meaning. The laws of nature and nature’s God say that some rights are given to every human by nature and are the same for everyone, because every human lives in a common nature. The laws of nature are not based on one person
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Similar to those laws of nature, another major political iea is the idea of inalienable rights. Those are the rights that every individual has when they were created under God. God gave them to everyone and they can not be taken away from any person, not even the government. In the Declaration of Independence those rights are determined as universal truth. Universal truth means, that it is absolute truth, which means that there are no wrongs in those rights and nothing could be more truthful. The universal truth of inalienable rights can not be changed to be better, because it is not possible, and so it can not be changed for the purposes of one person to its advantage. In connection to unalienable rights it is God’s truth. He created all men equal and no one better. Nobody has the right to change or take away the rights that God gave to everyone. In the Declaration of Independence it says that under God all men are created equal and has rights that can not be taken away, including Liberty, Life and Happiness. Any action that a person under the authority of God takes against these “God-given” rights, acts against God’s will. The Founding Fathers respected that and …show more content…
He wrote that if any foreign people, that force the property of other people have to be resisted with force, but there was no law that also magistrates, that do the same thing, have to be resisted too. He also criticized, that many people, that people that are advantaged in law, would be able to break the law or change it to their advantage. In his writings Locke showed, that no ruler should be put in a higher position of the moral, than any other person that could be a criminal. He brought up the equality of crime. Locke says, that every criminal action is not different because somebody has a higher position in politics, it is still a crime and hurts the unalienable right of every person to be secure. Difference of status and follower doesn’t mean a difference in crime. There can not be a government power, that is bigger than political right, because that could lead to mass violence and could give a person in government the opportunity to take force. It could easily turn into tyranny of masses, and that is why the rights of resistance were created. To say that everybody is equal before law, and has to be punished the same for the same crime and that no person in a government position has the right to hurt those rights. But the right of resistance also says, that nobody is guilty until proven innocent, no matter what kind of person. Basically the right of resistance

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