The Importance Of Government In My Life

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The government affects my life in many ways. First, I will break down the different types of government in the American Democracy. Local government is the closest to home for us. This can be our city police department, our public administration of the towns, cities or counties we live in. I would think we come into the most contact with local maybe with our police departments. Whether for being pulled over or maybe not following city ordinances in the towns we live in. The next level of government would be our state government. This can also be through state police agencies, our public libraries, our public schools, and state departments that deal with driver’s licenses and many other state issues. National Government deals with money, …show more content…
The first one is with our education system. In the last few years I have felt like our education system has been trying new things continually hoping that one will stick. The problem is that none of the ideas has really worked and now we have confused many kids with several years of different strategies. I feel like when I was a child we did things the same way and we grew in the same strategies each year and they were very clear and easy to understand. Now we are trying to come up with several different strategies that help each kid who may learn differently. I get the overall reason, but I don’t think we have gone about it in the right way. School is very challenging to many kids and now self-confidence has dropped and any desire for them to want to go to school has as well. I think with the schools being funded by the government we are now forced to do things that they want too. I also feel the government has spent so much time trying to push being politically correct that somehow the way Christians are treated, have been excused from that. I feel like we have made many excuses for many different religions to be tolerating of everything they are, which I do agree with, but Christians have lost many of the same rights. I think the government has removed many religious liberties. I think the government should allow Christians the right to pray just as any other religion

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