What Is Nuclear Energy? Essay examples

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What is Nuclear energy
In the terms of theoretical physics energy is the ability to do work. You apply force and you get displacement. In a more practical world energy is heat, electricity, light etc. Per the theory of thermodynamics; energy is never destroyed it is changes form. I.e. heat/thermal energy converts to mechanical energy to move a car, nuclear energy to electric energy. Two major energy sources that the civilization requires now-a-days are, electricity and heat. Sun, the source of heat/thermal energy & light is incessant, at least for the next few thousand years. Electricity and Mechanical energy on the other hand doesn’t have an efficient sustainable source. Fossil fuel, crude oil and natural gasses are used to create those energies. World needs efficient and sustainable energy source to survive. At this point the only efficient and comparatively clean and sustainable source is nuclear energy, more specifically nuclear fission; A process where upon being hit by a neutron, a heavy atom splits onto a smaller atoms and neutrons which goes on to split more atom thus creating a chain reaction that goes on for a significant amount of time. And in this process called nuclear fission releases massive amounts of energy(thermal) which is harnessed and converted into electrical energy. This process was discovered by Otto Han in 1938. However, their consumption is much greater than their production thus paving the path to a global energy crisis. Which would lead to a…

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