Personal Narrative: Minarets High School

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It was Amy Poehler who said "Great people do things before they 're ready. Doing what you 're afraid of, taking risks like that, that 's what life is."

The summer before my junior year, I decided to take a huge step, public high school. I was homeschooled from 3rd to 10th grade because medically, it was my only option. Taking that step was the best choice I 've ever made.

The one school that stood out to me was Minarets High School, this innovative school that prepares you for the real world, and works with you, for you. Everything about it was exactly what I wanted for high school.

I excitedly told my friends and family about it, and was frequently reminded that, "high school isn 't like the movies." And that I, "shouldn 't get my hopes too high." So I tried to expect the unexpected, but
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I joined clubs and got involved, I worked with my teachers so that I could learn to my full potential. My junior year was incredible, and I am positive that I would not have had the same experience anywhere else.

Starting off my senior year, I was again extremely excited. Yes, that may sound "nerdy" but I love school. And I attribute that love of school to minarets. A place for students to grow, find themselves and to find their place in the world.

Within the first few weeks of my last year of high school, I was hospitalized. I was terrified that this would affect my grades and my involvement in school, but all my teachers worked with me. They emailed me, called me, and made sure I understood the assignments while giving me a bit of extra time to finish them. My English teacher Ms. Potigian even came to visit me in the hospital, and brought two of my friends that wanted to visit. This shows how much the teachers at Minarets, and specifically Ms. Potigian care about their students. Minarets gives students and teachers the opportunity to build relationships that help improve their high school experience

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