What Is My Culture Essay

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America has been the place I have been raised and born at. I was born in Chicago and all my life been living here as well. I have been raised in a Mexican culture. My father and mother both came from Mexico. The culture that they have taught my siblings and I have been from the Mexican culture. My parents make sure we had an enculturation. At home my siblings and I were always told to speak spanish.There was a big change in adaptation within my parents when coming to America.
I was born on May 1, 1994. My 22 years I have been raised in Chicago. My father and mother are from the same city called Arandas, Jalisco. Coming from a culture that there is many children in the family my family was one of them. My mother was raised in Mexico and she
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My mother and I decide together what we are going to make for dinner. As a women, in my culture the girls of the house have to help the mother with cooking and doing chores. My mother and I usually make Mexican cuisines. Once the food is ready we call everyone to come and eat at the family table. In my house we are used to eating homemade food most of the time. Usually Sunday’s is when we eat fast food. During dinner my family and I talk about what is going through our life and how is school or what we going to do the other days of the week. As well as how is work going? If there is problems we are going through we talk about them. Once everyone of my family members finish eating my mother and I start cleaning the kitchen. In my culture the religious beliefs are that we believe in god and the virgin Mary. There is other saints that we believe in as well. It is a custom to go to church every Sunday. In my culture the religion is usually catholic. I was baptized when I was year old. There was a big party that my parents did for me in mexico to celebrate the baptism. I did my first communion when I was eight years old. Usually in my culture when a girl turns 15, they make a big party to celebrate their 15 years. I didn’t have one because my parents thought it would come out too expensive to have that …show more content…
Family and friends look for each other for emotional support during difficult times like a family member death. By the next day that the family member passed away they make a wake. In the wake, there is the death person in the coffin and family members are praying for their loss. As well as, friends and family share memories of the deceased. The wake is more like a social event. There is times when people have not seen each other for a long time and that is where they reunite after a long time. There is food served in the wake. The family rituals are that they held a mass in a church. The casket with the deceased is there while the family members are close to the casket. The body then is taken for burial.Cremenations are not an option for my culture.At the burial extended families and friends accompanied the immediate family to watch the deceased get buried. The beliefs that I have is that when a person passes away he or she is moved onto another phase of life. Their loved one become a spirit and are watching above to their loved

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