Essay about What Is Meant By The Kingdom Of God?

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Luke 13.28-29. What is meant by the kingdom of God?

The “kingdom of God” is a reoccurring theme in the New Testament, but there is a lack of explanation as to what it means. Jesus explains “Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets” will be in the kingdom of God, and then people from around the world “will eat in the kingdom” (Luke 13.28-29). However, there is no mention of what the kingdom is and whether it is has already occurred or is yet to come; this has led to various theories suggested by critics causing a debate over the true meaning of the kingdom of God.

It is thought by many that the kingdom of God is an eschatological ideal. A key critic who took this approach is Albert Schweitzer, who thought Jesus looked at the world “through the lens of eschatology”(Chilton, 1996, P.3). Schweitzer believes Jesus thought the kingdom of God could have been initiated through perfection of morality; however, when Jesus realised this was unlikely to happen he conceptualised the kingdom eschatologically (Schweitzer, 1964, P.85-86). Biblical evidence for entrance to the kingdom at death can be found in Luke 10.9: “cure the sick who are there, and say to them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you.’” The sick have come close to the kingdom of God because they close to death, which is when entrance to the kingdom is achieved in this theory. However, Jesus explains only those who welcome him can reach the kingdom (Luke 10.10-12) because belief in Christ is the root to…

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