What Is Love? By The Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy Essay

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What is love? According to the Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy, love is defined the strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties attraction based on sexual desire, affection, and tenderness felt by lovers affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests. Love has many meanings but the root meaning of love is the strong care or affection that one possess for another. As time progresses, the sentimental value that which love holds has been all but completely diminished. In the following literary works, three poets convey the deterioration in meaning and significance of love.
Since the beginning of time up to the present day, love is one of the strongest emotions in which a person could possess and exhibit for another. Henry Fairlie states, “Love wants to enjoy in other ways the human being whom it has enjoyed in bed” reaffirming that the value of love has never been truly defined nor has it been limited. However, in the present, a more subordinate standard has been attributed to the way in which love is expressed. Over the course of time, its overall meaning has been completely and utterly eradicated due to the lack of sincerity. As a result, the expression of affection has been reduced to merely physical activity as the world increasingly defers from love’s founding ideology. Sexuality acts as a catalyst to this distorted interpretation creating a pleasure-gratifying illusion integrated into modern society.
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