What Is Life Like For The Child Case Study

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What is life like for the child/young person? (Include an explanation of what the child/young person thinks about their situation and how things could be different)

Jake appears to have inconsistent routines whilst staying at his grandparents’ home and at his actual home with his parents. Jake has told me that his grandad gives him a dummy, which Jake uses when he says with his grandparents. However, Jake does not have or use a dummy when he stays with his parents. Jake’ s thoughts on this matter seem to be disregarded as Jake has informed me that he has told his grandad that he does not want a dummy, yet grandad still buys them.

Jake and Stacy both claim that Carol, Jake’s paternal grandmother, helps get Jake dressed when he stays at
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The school has ‘massive concerns’ about Jake academically as he is significantly underachieving in all areas of his learning. Despite numerous measures that are in place to assist, Jake is, by far, the lowest performing child in year 3, and is working below age 4 in reading, writing and maths. The school reports that Jake is now aware that he is struggling and that this knowledge has started to impact on how Jake has started to interact with other children. Jake’s teacher, Mrs Frank believes that Jake’s ‘distraction behaviours’ will worsen as he …show more content…
Jake, however, is not worried about this.

Jake has been observed eating his school lunch. Jake frequently uses his fingers to eat his food, and struggles with handling his knife and fork properly. Jake has also been witnessed displaying poor table manners, including licking the table. Jake ate all his food, but refused to eat any vegetables.

Jake appears to be a happy child. Jake has informed of the various good neighbourhood friends he sees whilst staying with his grandparents, in addition to having his friends at school. Jake has not been observed displaying a positive and close relationship to his parents. Jake has mentioned that his parents do kiss him, however, it seems that Jake has a stronger attachment to his paternal grandparents, where Jake states the paternal grandmother, Carol, gives him ‘lots and lots of kisses’.

Jake has been observed as being clean, tidy and dressed in clothing appropriate for the occasion, which was mainly his school uniform. Jake’s hair is also tidy as he has been taken to have it

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