The Sun Also Rises Masculinity Analysis

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In "The Sun Also Rises" masculinity is one of the most recurrent topic covered. To male characters in the novel, being considered as a man isn't always the easiest thing. Even though Jake is impotent, he is considered more of a man than Robert who has not been in the war. Robert is more fragile and dependent where as Jake is independent and has fought in the war which determines him as more masculine than Robert. Jake's insecurity, due to his impotence is emphasized by when brett refused to be with him. So when Robert gets to have his way with her, Jake starts to despise him. Not only does he feel more insecure about himself but he's frustrated. He can't stand seeing a man, being called manlier than him. To compare Jake to another man we see that Romero is Jake's foil in the story because he is everything …show more content…
A man isn't just a man with the sex male; a man is a man after going through things that forge him and that makes him a man. He also showed that in a society nature follows it's flow because where you see someone less powerful than you, there is always someone more powerful than you. This story has showed that a man even without his capacities to please himself sexually, can be considered as manly and even more than a man who does have all that. All of this depends of what a man has been through. The story also showed that women can make the different kind's of men appear and out stand because Brett made Romero and Jake be different. The Sun Also Rises, covers and pictures well the theme of masculinity. To a man, reading this is educating, and forging himself to become manly. To a woman if she sees what the author says well, she might get informed about all the different types of men she can meet somehow in the world. It's preventive. This book is a piece of moralities at the end if you understand the theme of

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