What Is Intentional Teaching Effective Teaching? Essay

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Analysis of Instruction Intentional teaching is an important concept that needs to be incorporated in every classroom. It involves planning, strategies, assessment, and overall learning environment. It is imperative for every lesson to be created with intentional teaching in mind. Similarly, it is also vital to teach intentionally when it comes to mathematics. According to Jung and Conderman (2013), intentional teaching is creating lessons and an environment that is thoughtful and meaningful to its students, keeping every student’s goals in mind. It is key to plan every aspect of teaching to accomplish chosen goals. It is also extremely important for a teacher to be intentional in every aspect of teaching, including all aspects of teaching stated above. If there is a lack of intentionality in just one of these aspects, there may be a disconnect between the teaching goals and the effectiveness of the overall lesson. For mathematics instruction, intentionality involves the following, presenting important mathematic concepts, providing authentic math instruction, using math manipulatives, and creating a positive social environment for communicating math ideas. The first area of intentional teaching for mathematics is presenting important mathematical concepts. Concepts presented in class must be critical concepts that children must learn. These concepts can stem from either the Common Core State Standards or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. These…

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