Where Good Ideas Come From

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The videos, What is Innovation and Where Good Ideas Come From, both relate to innovation. Both videos describe innovation, but in different ways. What is Innovation describes innovation more as dots, or ideas, that others have overlooked. These dots are ways in to which products and services better that have not yet been thought of. Where Good Ideas Come From describes innovations more as bigger ideas that are made up of smaller ones. These smaller ones find other smaller ones through connectivity, more so through the Internet as time progresses. The two videos describe innovation as a continuous process that makes products and ideas better as time goes on. The dots that the video What is Innovation is referring to are thoughts, ideas, and possible innovations. The dots that are currently present and everyone can see are the common …show more content…
Some like how things already are and do not want any changes made. There are others who choose to protest the new dots and say that they are not valid or do not even exist. An example of a dot that is not always looked at as positive is the idea of 3D printers. Not only do these printers use up a lot of energy, they pose a health risk when used at home by burning unhealthy air emissions (Gilpin, 2014). There are also companies that are trying to sell guns that were made with a 3D printer. These guns cannot be detected by metal protectors or x-ray scanners; guns that cannot be detected are banned under Congress’ Undetectable Firearms Act. This is seen as unsafe (Gilpin, 2014). New dots come from a number of sources: notions, unexpected connections, ideas, possibilities, and imagination. Common dots were once uncommon, newly introduced dots. They are all innovations, those other dots that others miss. Some examples of these are fire, the wheel, computer, internet, smart phone, and tablet. The dots are not only seen as valid, but also seen as necessary if the world wants to move

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