What Is Human Nature? Essay

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What is Human Nature?
Humanity is difficult to define, but Chinese philosophers, Master Kao and Hsun Tzu, seem to have their own understanding about what humanity is. Tzu states that “our nature is born evil and his nature cannot be learned or worked for” (84). Kao states “humans are born as a ‘blank slate’ (neutral) and can be conditioned into either good or evil” (78). I believe as humans we are born with pure intent and can decide if we become benevolent or malicious. Tzu is wrong because he doesn’t understand that environmental factors, such as family, school, and internet, can determine if you become evil or not.
Family environment can a play a key role into determining whether we are evil or not. Hsun Tzu states that either an environment can either make or break you (92).When my mom was younger, she grew up surrounded by a broken family. Her father beat her mom, and she saw that for nine years of her life. Also, she saw the same with her cousin’s parents. However, my mom always was a good person. Even though she grew up in this horrid environment, she changed into the woman I see every day - my mother. My mother is the nicest, strongest person I know. She let her environment change her for the better. Koa states that “the nature of things is like willow wood, and duty is like cups and bowls” (79). Kao is stating that even though your family environment can change you, you get to decide how it does.
Another environment that comes into play in changing your neutral…

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