What Is Genetic Testing? Essay

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What is genetic testing?
Genetic testing is a scientific and medical testing where scientists (change scientists to something else) identify for changes in a person’s genes, chromosomes or protein. It is considered when someone wants to identify health risks, allowing the doctor to make recommendations to their health and decrease their chance in developing the certain disease, or to test to see if the person has other genetic conditions, which would impact their chance of passing on or developing a genetic disorder.
Though many positives may outweigh the negatives of genetic testing, does not mean the drawbacks of it should not be considered. When your results are concluded, it may emotionally affect you and your family. Depending on the type of testing, the financial cost may be quite expensive although health insurance companies may assist in covering part of the fee. For a typical genetic testing, the cost is usually ranges around $99 to $5000, however, costs will be higher if it’s more complex.

Two different situations where genetic testing is used.
Genetic testing may be carried out for different purposes. A few available types of tests include:
Diagnostic testing – A type of genetic testing that is used to rule out or whether a human is diagnosed with a specific disease affecting their genes or chromosomes. If an individual is suspected of displaying physical signs and symptoms of a disease or condition, a genetic test could confirm it. While some family members…

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