Casey Anthony: Death Penalty In The United States

Death Penalty
Death penalty is one of the main focuses nationwide in Untied States, becoming the issue of those who killed another person should be judged to death or not. John K, Locke once said “where there is no law there is no freedom”. And that is the main focus on this subject whether the rule of an eye for an eye should be conformed or not. Where the laws become changeable a lot of villains who did not care about punishment, lost their morality and accept their right of doing harm to others. Violent crimes in 2012 where 10,189,902 in the United States of America, between rape, murder etc, Americans are debating whether to go easy on those criminals by death penalty and if it is a civilized way or not; however, human life worth are not
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Ask me anything!” “ . Casey continued offered advices for those who wanted to do what she did, and been prude that she is an open book. Cases like Casey are wildly heard and people who committed murder have their way to cheat on the law, if Casey was not freed people will know that this is the price you pay for taking another person life, and would another will not follow her foot steps to get away with …show more content…
Death penalty is a way of narrowing of those with aggrieve bad habits like serial killers, if Matthew was right and what he want become true serial killers will be on the loose. Many valid points from writers who oppose death have been disagree on, like putting them in jail for life sentence will be the easy way for them which is not true, prison is the hell on earth even if that murderer is sorry for what he did he will live his hall life thinking about what he did in cell, and if is he not sorry government will save a lot of money spending on those

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