What Is Criminal Justice? Essay

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What is Criminal Justice?
What is criminal justice? This is my first time in college, and also my first paper. So far I am learning that criminal justice is the study of crimes in the system. Which the system goes through three processes; Which is law enforcement, courts, and the correctional institution The three issues that I will be writing about goes through the three processes; which is gun control, racial profiling, and youth violence.. The first issue I will discuss is racial profiling. In my opinion the definition of racial profiling is when one is profiled based on their ethnicity, or their background. The dictionary definition is use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Racial profiling never affected my lifestyle, but it has as I have gotten older in life. II have seen how the police have treated any age minority. A couple of years ago I seen the police go into a neighborhood, this female was just minding her own business walking to her car, she got in her car before she could do anything the police flashed her, walked up to her car, next thing you know she was getting out of the car, they started frisking her not to mention it was two white male officers. I am not sure if anything else happened because I left. That was so unnecessary for them to stop her. I have a son that one day when he get older I will have to help him understand that being a African American male that he might one day go through what…

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