What Is Covey 's Habit Number Five Essay

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Living your life as an eternal optimist, like Leo does, might be a stretch for most of us, but having the ability to find the sliver lining in life could be a first step. Being thankful and amazed that an airline company could find a way to feed all of the passengers, even with a few options, realizing when your mother tells you to “shut up” that it might be out of love and most importantly loving in the moment are definitely lessons that were learned in his article. Unconsciously applying Covey 's habit number five, Seek first to understand, then be understood, my supervisor and myself broke down the performance of my coworker and created an action plan for his success. Evaluations were completed based on his previous actions, interactions while coaching and our thoughts of his performance. During those interactions, while we discussed performance, questions were proposed on his own performance. Probing for answers as to why the level of performance was not to our standards provided us with core data to evaluate and start an action plan. When the action plan is presented, all parties will be on the same page about expectations and a time line for his performance. I plan to provide direction and action items to set him up for a successful turnaround. Once we reach the predetermined time line, I will discuss my coworker 's actions with my supervisor and interpret if my the requested changes were met, as described in the action plan. What Covey 's habit can teach in…

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