What Is Coronary Heart Disease? Essay

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Introduction: What is Coronary Heart Disease?
With cardiovascular diseases being the number one cause of deaths around the world, understanding the diseases, their risks and possible preventative actions can help an individual protect himself from the diseases. The research presented in this paper will focus on providing knowledge about coronary heart disease.
Coronary heart disease, the most common of cardiovascular diseases, takes place when the coronary arteries become clogged with fatty substances such as plaque or atheroma. Also known as ischaemic heart disease,
Atherosclerosis (the process of gradual plaque build-up on the inner walls of the arteries) causes the arteries to become narrow, thus allowing less room for the blood flow, preventing blood from reaching the heart. The decrease of blood in the heart can then induce chest pain, or angina. A blood clot may start to form in the arteries as a result of the blood flow restrictions, completely blocking the blood supply, and increase the risk of a heart attack.
The following discussion will provide information on coronary heart disease, its ¬¬¬relativity with diet, analyses of the countries it has affected and reasons why, its prevalence in Australia and ¬¬¬¬¬ how it can be prevented.
A. How is diet related to Coronary Heart Disease?
Diet can heavily affect heart heath and is indeed one of the biggest risk factors of, not just coronary heart disease, but heart disease in general. Heart health, just like…

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