What Is Body Language Essay

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Body language is a way people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. One of the first things people notice about you is your body language. Slouching and crossing your arms and legs is interpreted as being submissive and passive. People don’t truly pay attention to their own body language until they become aware by someone else. Amy Cuddy, the speaker in the video, demonstrates that body language plays a large role in understanding what type of person you are. The point of the video is for people to understand their own body language and how small changes can make huge differences. “Our bodies change our minds and our minds change our bodies.” Having a passive body language makes your mind exhibit the same qualities such as being quiet …show more content…
It is a necessary skill in social environments. “Fake it until you make it” is a debatable quote however. As discussed in the video, faking a behavior and achieving what you desire will make you feel that you did not earn it or did not deserve your reward. But then she says later on that you should “Fake it until you become it.” Constant repetition of a behavior will tell your brain that this is what you are striving to become which correlates to how our bodies can change our minds. Once you become the person you have been faking, then you can truly be satisfied with your accomplishments. Talking to large masses and important people is a daunting task and can make you close up. “It is not about the contents of their speech. It’s about the presence that their bringing to the speech.” The most successful speakers find ways to compel their audience. Motivational speakers use their loud voice and hand gestures to get the audience’s attention. Singers and performers use their words to inspire and stimulate their fans. Content is only half of a speech. It is the way you present your ideas that will get the attention of others. Almost everyone pays attention to body language first before judging someone’s character. I personally pay attention to someone’s personality before judging them. Body language is a wall that can block the true character of someone. I avoid paying attention to that until I know the person on a deeper level. But in the case of interviews, time is short and the best way to make an impression would be by the way you use body language. Sitting tall and talking with confidence is key in these

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