Essay on What Is Art? A Liberal Interpretation?

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What is art? A liberal interpretation could encompass anything and everything, for some life is an art. A conservative viewer might only include Renaissance classics, for them art is in the doctrine, the detail, and perfection of it all. Art in my life has always had something to do with motor skills. Motor skills, those precise little movements we make that separate us from primates. Fine motor skills are where the brain displays its ability to manipulate, finesse, and edit the world around it. I have drawn, painted, performed, and made music, but one art form (in my opinion) beats out all others. This art form is also distinct as it is the only art form I know of where you can objectively fail as an artist. Artist, that is not the term used for the act that I will be discussing. Surgeon would be the correct term. Surgery is an art on the worlds finest canvas. Being able to directly manipulate a life with fine motor skills would satisfy both a conservative and liberal mindset. It has all the perfection, but none of the rigidity.

I should mention before I go further that the surgery I preformed was not on a human being. Nonetheless, -to my knowledge- it was not a legal procedure.

It was last summer. I was in the middle of my two week stay at the SALK institute. I had lined up three lab visits a day and prepared to navigate the labyrinth of offices to find the researcher I had been assigned to. I waited in the hallway by the lab for several minutes wondering if I had been…

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