What Is A Rainy Day Essay

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When I woke up, I looked outside my foggy window noticing the dark, rainy, and dreary weather. Somehow I already knew that it wasn’t going to be a good day. I had a slow start to my rainy morning, as did the rest of my family. Still in our pajamas, my family and I watched movies all morning. We were in the middle of watching The Help when the phone rang, we all looked around at each other to see which one of us would get up to answer the phone. Eventually, my father rises, leaving the living room to answer the phone.
My father sluggishly meanders back into the living room. He sits down with his hand over his mouth. While slowly removing his hand, he lets out a big gasp. With tears in his eyes, he explains to my mother, my siblings, and myself
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Bob was a German Shepard husky mix and Tasha was a full breed Siberian husky. We adopted Tasha when I was still in my mother’s belly, and we rescued Bob about five years later. They were one of a kind, Tasha was ornery and stubborn, and Bob was mischievous and rowdy. Nevertheless, they were the sweetest dogs and they absolutely adored each other.
Every dog owner dreads the inevitable. This is the miserable day when your guard dog can no longer fulfill its duty to protect and watch over you. Then a switch of roles occur and it’s suddenly now your turn to protect and do what is best for them. This day arrived a few years back with Tasha, and had now arrived with Bob. These days are when we had to say goodbye to our faithful companions. Of course, these days were full of sadness, but it also reminded us that we were lucky to have had the time we did with
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On frosty snow days they’d chase us while we’d sled down the massive hill in our back yard. On crisp fall afternoons they’d jump in and out of colorful leaf piles with us. On boiling summer days they’d cool off in the refreshing pool with us. On rainy days they’d curl up on the couch and have lazy movie days with us. They were my siblings and I’s greatest companions.
Every kid with siblings understands the saying, “you don’t have to like your siblings, but you do have to love them.” I certainly understood this while growing up with three sibling, Zack, Jacob, and Jessica. We weren’t always friends, but we always loved each other because were family. My siblings and I were those rambunctious children running around playing imaginary games. We were those children that made adults wish they could be a child with a creative, wild imagination all over again. We were those children that never failed to have one hell of a good time.
My siblings and I had thousands of different games we’d play. One of my favorites was the hot lava game. Pretending the floor was bubbling hot lava, we’d dance and jump from different pieces of furniture trying to knock each other off into the deadly lava. My least favorite games usually involved my brothers ganging up on my sister and I. Bob and Tasha usually ran and jumped around joining in on our chaotic

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