What Is A Problem Solution To The Homeless

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Linda Lingle once said, “We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can 't solve” (Lingle). The writer of Chicago homeless.org states that, “An analysis by CCH estimates that 125,848 Chicagoans were homeless in the course of the 2014-15 school years” (Chicago). Homelessness is still a growing problem; it is time make a stop to it. Although homelessness is a prominent problem in our society today, there are diverse opportunities to solve this problem.

There were attempts to reduce homeless in many ways, but there were not strong enough. I believe on of the attempts was opening doors to the local stadium at the late afternoon, so the homeless can have a place to sleep. Everyone staying
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When one lands on the street it is difficult for that person to pick themselves up, they don’t know where to start. This program with give an opportunity to the homeless to find a job, after a while when they will rise up some why will be able to find a place to stay. The program would find jobs that do not need a previous education. These jobs would have paid …show more content…
The shelter will provide the effected ones to be able to sleep and take a shower. This shelter would be different than the open stadium idea that is going on now. Here they can be in the shelter for how ever long they need, but they have to show that they are trying to find a job. This shelter would be special because it would hire a different group people from the shelter to clean after everyone leaves. The person that was picked would get money, this money would he for transportation and other needed necessities. If any of the homeless people have children then this shelter would provided free daycare until they find a job to financially stable.

The last solution is to encourage locals to donate clothes and excess food from restaurants. We would put flying around Chicago informing people that they can donate clothes for the homeless. We would do to the restaurant and ask them to donate the excess food to this shelter; it would go to a good cause not the garbage like it would at the restaurant. I know for a fact that Panera Bread gives their excess bread less fortunate; this would be similar. The clothes that I would be hoping for would be work clothes. This way we will promote the homeless to actually go out and find a

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