What Is A Nice Day Essay

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Beep, beep, beep. It’s the sound of my alarm that warns me that I need to wake up. I can see through my window that it’s kind of cold outside. I don’t feel like going to school but I remember that I’m having review for my final in English class. I get out from bed, I decide to make myself a bowl of oat for breakfast. While in my way to school, I’m thinking what to do when I get home. The house is a mess, I need to do a general clean. I get inside the classroom and sit in front to avoid falling asleep. I can’t stop watching the clock. The weather from outside make me wanna go home and take nap for three hours.
Finally, it’s 11:50 time to go home.
“That’s everything for toda. Remember to bring your final essay for next class. Have a nice day.”
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I believe she already clean the house or at least she try; she didn’t have school today. When I get home, I’m going to take a nap and than do my homework before I leave to work. I get of the car very fast, can’t wait to lay down in bed. I open the door from the house. I’m waiting for that clean smell to reaches my nose, but what I see is my sister laying down in the couch washing TV. Before saying anything, I head to the kitchen to see if it’s clean. The dishwasher was full of dirty plates. I go to the bedroom and I see clothes everywhere. I’m very disappointed with my sister. I try to calm myself down before saying something to my …show more content…
Look the dishwasher! What about the clothes everywhere in the bedroom?” I started getting mad, I knew she hasn’t clean the house like she said.
“If you didn’t like how I clean the house, you can clean it by yourself!” My sister says screaming at me. The dogs are barking at the same time that my sister screams at me, that makes me even angrier.
“Why you screaming at me? I just want you to help me a little bit with the chores of the house. I want you to do things right.” I say trying to not be rude with her.
“That’s not what you want. You just want me to clean the house by myself like if it’s the only thing I should do all day. I have homework too.”
“ It doesn 't seem like you got homework, if so you should be doing it instead of watching TV. Don’t you think ? I can see my sister eyes, she wanna cry. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s mad or she just trying to get rid of helping me.
She thinks just because I’m her older sister I need to do everything; clean and make the food. She always says that I exaggerate .
It’s 2:45 time to pick up my cousins and brother from school.
“Jenni, come help me make the food for the kids, please” I tell my sister trying to forget what just happened in the

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