What Is A Mother Essay

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A mother is the most important pillar of the house. The whole house revolves around her and everyone needs her help with food, clothes, studies, finding lost stuff, cleaning the house and all. They say with great rewards comes with great responsibilities, and for a mother to raise a good environment for their children, they must give the best they’ve got. In fact mothers, like my mother enjoys working at work, at home, after dinner, and after all hours. However, because she enjoys working twenty-four seven, it has led her to never having the time to spend it with her family.
Anyone can be addicted to anything. To authority, art, work, alcohol, or drugs like Liz Murray 's mother Jean Murray. Jean Murray was a desperate drug addict where drugs
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She went from homeless to Harvard with her mother doing drugs and her father not caring about the world. Liz was able to overcome her problems and she told herself she deserved more. Even when she had a reason to give up, she still managed to have hope for herself. I come from a family of 7. However, My older brother did not finish high school and my sister did not graduate on time. I wish to be the first one in my family to stay in school and to actually graduate in 2017. As I growing up I 've watched my brothers and sister skipping school, drinking and making bad decisions in their life yet, I still manage to have hope for myself. Just like Liz had many opportunities after she graduated from high school, I believe I will have many opportunities as well if I stay on my path to success. The world we live in can be challenging and demanding but that won 't stop me from achieving my goal. The day I walk across the stage will be the start of pursuing my dreams. It may sound wrong to even say this, but my family are an example of what who I wish not to be. I may have a dysfunctional family, and I admit I used to be jealous of my friends who had “good” families in which their parents are kind, gentle, and chill, but at the end my family is proud how much I’ve accomplished in just a short amount of …show more content…
They must contribute to the growth and development of their child and have the duty to raise and care for their family. They usually work to maintain the family, but when it comes to Liz’s Murray’s father Peter Finnerty, he is the complete opposite. Just like her mother, Peter Finnerty was also a drug addict. Fights and arguments constantly happen between Liz and her mother yet, her father would sit in the corner silently, having no interest in what is happening. Even today many children face several difficulties without a father, I happen to be one of those kids. I have faced many challenging experiences, but my father 's absences impacted me the most throughout my adolescence. As I Watched my mom struggle with my brothers and sister made me realize how terrible it feels when a parent leaves you. I noticed that many teens tend to misbehave when it comes to situations like this but, I 've tried to do my best to help my mom or to at least make her proud in doing well in school. Having one less of a parent, was tough to understand he had left us but, I knew that I had to wake up every morning and think, today is going to be a great day and I am going to become something and show him what I’m really worth. Even though, my father had made a mistake that I can 't do much about it, I still manage to think positive because it was important my brothers and sister knew they had a mother who loved them very much.

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