Essay on What Is A Knowledgeable Employee, And What Logical Steps?

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What is a knowledgeable employee, and what logical steps can one take while approaching a possible solution to any situation in the work place; while using verbal and non-verbal communication while helping access the problem. As we all know people work for many different reasons, most of them will tell you they work to earn a living through that of earning a paycheck, however, this isn’t necessarily true; for there’s many other reasons why people chose to work. One example, “All the reasons people work and the motivation behind these reasons combined with the reasons of all the other people in an organization to form an amalgam- organizational behavior” (Drafke, 2009, pg. 9). In addition, a majority of these people have no idea what actually constitutes a suitable working environment, and have no clue as to what is needed to form one; or what steps to take to fulfill their voids. However, this can be accomplished by simply observing others through that of close communication using verbal and non-verbal cues; while helping to gain a better understanding of their norms, beliefs and customs to which they apply; while building up a team of only knowledgeable employee. “Knowledgeable employees understand the working environment and can differentiate between a good working environment and a poor one” (Drafke, 2009, pg.10). These employees understand the process of teamwork, are team players; and no how to walk-the-walk and talk-the talk in order to achieve their goals,…

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