Mr. Lowe Case Study

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Family Relationships
Family of Origin:

Ms. Lowe stated that she was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Her parents were Teresa Lowe and Ricky Cunningham. Ms. Lowe reported that her mother and father were together until her mother passed away in 1994 from liver failure. She reported that her father was not in a significant relationship thereafter. Ms. Lowe stated that went to reside with her grandmother, Betty Lowe. She reported that grandmother cared for her until she became an adult. She reported that she rarely received spankings growing up, and was rather placed in timeout. Ms. Lowe reported that she has 1 sibling, Mr. Richard Lowe. Mr. Lowe resides in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, he is said to not have any investigative history to
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A complete walk through of the home was completed. Ms. Lowe occupies the master bedroom. Desire Winn and Destiny Winn share a room. Deshawna Winn sleeps in the room with Ms. Lowe, but has a room available when she gets older. A air mattress was located in Desire and Destin room, with two pack and play beds. Ms. Lowe statd that she would purchase beds once it is official the chidlen will be resding wither permanently. The backyard contained small non commercial pool that was 1 feet in depth. Ms. Lwe stated that she wil motniro the chlden whil playing in there. , a small trampoline, and a pool that was not set up. A fire extinguisher was located. Ms. Lowe stated that she would purchase smoke detectors for the home. The home was clean, with a working smoke detector. She stated that she would purchase a fire extinguisher in time of the placement. Cleaning supplies are kept under the kitchen sink, which this interviewer suggested a locking mechanism for cabinet doors. Medication was stored in the master bedroom medicine cabinet. No pets were located in the home. Desire Winn and Destiny Winn father is incarcerated in the State o Minnesota. Deshawna Winn father whereabouts are unknown. Ms Lowe stated that she does not know that the mother’s current whereabouts, as she ,as she moves frequently. She stated that she believes it is within the resides within Dallas-Fort Worth area. She stated that he daughter never tell he het exact …show more content…
Lowe stated that she has the ability to take care of the children and that she does not anticipate any problems arising. She reported that she has made necessary efforts to ensure that she maintain a clean and safe home, which will prevent the children from being injured. Ms. Lowe stated she occasionally watches her other daughter’s children, which no issues have ever occurred. She also stated no issues have arise since the children arrival in her home.

Ms. Lowe does not own any firearms and none were located in the home. Ms. Lowe stated that she understands the importance of water safety regarding recreational activities, such as in a swimming pool and bathtub safety. She stated that age appropriate supervision will be provided at all times and confirmed that she has the ability to respond if an emergency occurs. Ms. Lowe also stated that she will make sure that the children understand the importance of water safety and will teach him how to respond to an emergency. She also stated that she will never allow them to play in a swimming pool alone and will monitor her during bathing.

Safety, related to Child

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