What Is A Dream? Essay examples

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What is a dream?
The scientific definition of a dream is when there is a very small amount of brain activity and there is no sense of self-awareness. Most dreaming occurs in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage. This is the stage during which accelerated respiration and heart rate, muscle relaxation, and increased brain activity occurs. This stage is also called paradoxical sleep. During a dream, the dreamer experiences an incredibly lifelike ordeal, and the shutting down of the self-awareness causes them to encounter the dream in a first person point of view, generally without the knowledge of who they are and being unable to control the circumstances, and is also almost never aware that they are even dreaming. Dreams can last from five minutes to forty-five, though many dreams seem to feel as though they last hours.
Early research on dreams
The study of the subject of dreams is called oneirology. it comes from the word ‘oneiron’, meaning ‘dream’, and ‘logia’, meaning ‘the study of’. This word was first used in 1653, by Marquis d’Hervey de Saint Denys. The early Egyptians, not long before Christ’s birth, were incredibly analytical and curious as to the meanings of their dreams. They strongly believed in the prophecies from their gods, and were certain they were sent in the form of dreams. They believed in three bodies, the Shat, the corpse, the Ka, the living, and the Ba, the soul. It is thought that Ba may actually represent lucid dreaming, as he was shown in the picture…

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