What Is a Case Study Essay

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What is A Case Study?
Kerry J. Cobb
Liberty University
PSYCH 255 Introduction to Research
255-D15 LUO
Prof. Erik Wiedman
April 16, 2014

Introduction to Case Study
In this paper, we will discuss what a case study is, reasons for performing case studies and the advantages and disadvantages in using a case study. Many case studies use observational methods classified as primarily quantitative or qualitative. Qualitative focuses on people’s behavior in their natural setting, where as quantitative focuses on behaviors that are counted.
What is a Case Study?
A case study is the way we describe a specific study of concern in individuals whether it’s their behavior, past history, symptoms, responses and reactions to treatment or any
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The idea that case study research can only be qualitative is incorrect.
There also can be disadvantages in the case study approach. One of the biggest disadvantages has to do with external vs. internal validity. Many researchers do not have control over variables and events such as researchers that do have control in a lab experiment. Many who use the case study method make mistakes in relying to heavily on interpretation in findings and recommendations. Sometimes the researcher becomes part of the research itself and leads them into knowing what is expected in the results and unknowingly guides subjects by persuading them into the expected results. Therefore, leading the case study in a false outcome.
Ways of Obtaining Data for Research
In case studies there are many ways a researcher can obtain information or data. One way is through the collection of multiple sources of evidence using quantitative techniques such as questionnaires and surveys. Other ways in obtaining information is done from archival research (Ch. 6, Pg. 122) through statistical records, survey archives or written and mass communication methods. (Ch. 6, Pg. 122-123) These methods can also be done in a qualitative technique such as interviews, direct observations or even focus groups. An example of how we obtain case studies would be that how people study statistical records used by the U.S. Census Bureau. Obtaining

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