Essay on What If They Don 't Leave?

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" 'What if they don 't leave? ' Alek said. 'What if they can 't? ' 'Then they won 't last long, ' Volger said flatly. 'There 's nothing on the glacier, no shelter, no fuel for a fire. Just ice. ' Alek turned to stare at Volger. 'But we can 't leave shipwrecked men to die! '" (Westerfeld 227). This book is full of action and suspense that draws readers into the book. All of the action and suspense is because the setting of the book is in Europe when they were on the edge of war and the beginning of World War I. Instead of it being the allies versus the central powers it’s the Darwinists (Britain, France, and Russia) who use fabricated beasts and the Clankers (Germany, and Austria-Hungary) who use walking machines (Westerfeld inside cover). Leviathan is a good book to read especially tenth graders who are learning about World War I it draws them into the reading more. The tenth grade team of teachers should include LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld into the curriculum for the tenth graders to read.
To begin, Leviathan is a historical fiction which gets the reader into the story because the characters in the books are no longer alive if they are non-fictional characters giving them a voice. "As a history teacher, I know that helping students make cross-discipline connections lies at the heart of engaging history instruction. As a language arts teacher, I know that finding deeper meaning is a goal often reached through reading and writing. Although I have used many…

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