Character Development In The Odyssey By David Benioff

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Character development is the most important part of any book, according to GoodReads. There are many connections between the City of Thieves by David Benioff and The Odyssey by Homer, and character development is a huge aspect that the protagonists in each book share. The main characters grow and develop through their experiences on their journeys, and become bolder, braver, and mentally stronger. They also receive guidance from wise figures, which allows the protagonists to expand their horizons, and mature even more. By the characters growing and developing, both stories are easier to connect to in real life, therefore making them more intriguing. A clear connection between the both books is the character development of the protagonists. …show more content…
When he meets his father for the very first time, Telemachus finally has the new role model that he has been missing for his life. The whole motive of his journey, which helped him mature, is to find Odysseus. Meeting him after twenty years of not having a father made him realizes his full potential and bravery. He felt the need to fill his father’s footsteps, and make him proud, and: “...Telemachus-too quick- stabbed the man from behind, / plunging his bronze spear between the suitor’s shoulders / and straight on through his chest the point came jutting out” (22. 97-99). By having the courage to kill the suitors at the end of the story, it shows how Telemachus develops through his experiences. Along with the events helping Telemachus develop throughout the book, the guidance that he received also played a big role. Telemachus would never have stood up to the suitors and driven them away if Athena did not help him. Athena pushed Telemachus to be the man she knows he could be, and by doing this, Telemachus’s character developed into a more mature and brave man. When “Mentes” says: “And you, my friend- / how tall and handsome I see you now- be brave” (1.345-46), Telemachus responds by saying how he will not forget his words. By keeping “Mentes”’s words in …show more content…
In the introduction, it is stated that the reason why the characters’ development is an important connection is because it makes the books more realistic, therefore intriguing. Ultimately, this creates a strong “bond” between the reader and character. It is this bond that I find engaging both in these books and literature in general. Since I was able to connect to Lev and Telemachus and their maturing over time, it was easier for me to read and enjoy both

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